“Dear Dr Olson & Mimi,
Just wanted to thank you both so much for the good care you gave me today during my ‘RC’! Your gentle touch really took the anxiety out of this visit for me. You really took the horror out of all the horror stories I had heard regarding this dreaded passage of age! The movie was a great distraction as well. My mouth feels much better this afternoon and I’m sure I will get a good nights sleep tonight with this behind me. Thank you again- You were both so kind and empathetic. I would certainly recommend you to friends who might find themselves in the same situation.” – T. Severns

I was at your office yesterday for a root canal with Dr. Bluth and received a follow-up call today from Ashley wondering how I was doing and if I had any questions. She left a message and I have not returned the call.
However, I want to share that thanks to Dr. Bluth and the staff, it was beyond a doubt the most pleasant dental visit I have ever experienced.  Ever.  I arrived facing that procedure with more than a little dread.  I left with a sense of awe that other than some minor discomfort that comes with having my mouth open for an extended time, it was painless.
I was even more amazed later when the novocaine wore off and there was not even a hint of soreness, much less pain.  Remarkable.  I had a stockpile of ibuprofen on hand and have not once needed to touch it.  By contrast, the last time I had a cap replaced my mouth and jaw were seriously achy for two days. In fact, over the years, I’ve had considerable dental work done and never has any experience even come close to approaching what I received at your office.
I have a huge appreciation for the level of care and skill I received at your office.  I can’t thank you enough.”
I had a good experience with RME considering nobody wants a root canal but they made the procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Bluth made sure I was not in pain during the procedure and could read my movements when there was any discomfort. He was very gentle, which is so important when working in the mouth. The staff was extremely friendly and caring. I trust this clinic and Dr. Bluth for any future procedures I may need.”- Lindsay H.
“A root canal- Oh No! I wasn’t looking forward to this at all- especially with past dental experiences. However- this was the best experience I’ve ever had in a dental office. Dr. Bluth explained everything in a very kind and exceptional manner. The procedure was totally painless as was the recovery. A++ to Dr. Bluth , and the staff at Rocky Mountain Endodontics“- Patty
“Thank you for an enjoyable visit. The staff was professional and friendly. I got a hot paraffin wax treatment for my hands, got to watch Die Hard 2 on Netflix, and the Doc was so gentle with the Novocaine. It just doesn’t get any better than that.” –H.L.
“I want to take the time to thank Dr. Bluth and his staff for making me feel comfortable during my dental procedure. Also thank you Mindy for the hand therapy treatment. What a difference it made in my hands and nails.” –Angela
“I would like to thank Dr. Bluth and the staff of Rocky Mountain Endodontics. For the first time in over a year I had a pain free night. You all worked so hard to make me comfortable and calm my fears and I want you all to know I really appreciated it. I especially want to thank Dr. Bluth for his patience and skill, and his phone call to me last night during his family time was especially thoughtful. I am doing well. Thank you all so much! Your happy smiles eased my pain and suffering.” -Vicki

“What a great experience! A root canal, who would-a-thought? All the staff was absolutely wonderful. I was greeted with a warm welcomed when I arrived. The young lady at the front desk was both friendly and extremely helpful. She gets some more hugs! The procedure was almost a non-event. That’s a compliment! Dr. Bluth, you are truly a pro! I had no discomfort what so ever. And Amber made me feel comfortable and relaxed through out the entire visit. So good job guys! And thanks for making what could have been a stressful, unpleasant experience almost enjoyable!”-Kern

“I saw Dr. Olson after being referred by my dentist. To start, the staff at Rocky Mountain Endo is incredibly kind. The environment they provide in their practice is very relaxing; the staff worked to calm my nerves. The office was incredibly clean and the instruments were very high-tech. Dr. Olson worked very hard with me and did many tests and took enough x-rays to satisfy himself. He answered every question I had and explained my issues in terms I could understand. I feel he is a very honest dentist because he decided I did not need a root canal, and one would assume once you are in the chair you will have work done, but he honestly decided I was not a candidate. They worked with my schedule and took care of all the insurance issues. I would recommend this practice if you must have a root canal, the dentist was very kind with a very calming demeanor, and the staff worked very hard to ensure my comfort. They even offer Direct TV, Netflix while they are working.”
“Dr. Olson and his assistant Katie were very nice, good with my fear and pain.”
“Great job Blair and Dr. Bluth! Both were sweet and I had ZERO pain!” -G. Bell

“I was referred to Rocky Mountain by my regular dentist. I tend to have weird roots that delta, turn, twist and narrow. I am a severe night grinder and I’ve had 6 root canals in 4 months.
When I first called them, I spoke with Kate. Very sweet gal who understood my pain. A day and a half later, I was sitting in the chair getting my worst root canal taken care of. I have gone to them for all of my root canals. Blair is another young gal in the office who will work the front and assist Dr. Bluth. What a sweetheart. Fabulous staff. Very friendly and understanding. Dr. Bluth is friendly and very knowledgeable. I have the utmost confidence in him. You get blankets if you’re cold, Netflix or music to pass the time, tea, coffee and water. I love this place and the staff. I will never have a regular dentist do root canals. You want a specialist who uses a microscope and you want it done right the first time! I highly recommend Rocky Mountain. Both the Boise and Eagle offices are great!” -Christine U.

“This is a team that truly cares about it’s patients. They absolutely go the extra mile. I would go to them in a heart beat with any and all root canals….they get my vote every time!”-P. Grist