Mimi has been with Rocky Mountain Endodontics since March of 2012. Mimi Graduated as Dental Assistant Spring of 2010. Ever since she was a little girl she has always been fascinated of the things she experienced at her Dentists. When she was a little girl her father would help pull her baby teeth by tugging them with sewing thread. She had kept her tooth for the tooth fairy and couldn’t get over how cool her tooth looked. She couldn’t quite put her finger around why teeth are so interesting. She knew she wanted to grow up in the dental field and here she is at Rocky Mountain Endodontics. Mimi believes that smiles are contagious and should always be shared across the nation. Mimi has lived in Boise, Idaho her whole life. Outside of work Mimi enjoys cooking, running, lacrosse, volleyball, fishing, camping and hula dancing.